for-facebook-againmilky-wayDaniel Greenwood and Hillary Younger will be conducting photographic tours around some of the most immense landscapes nature can offer. From the Canadian Rockies to the stunning Oregon coast as well as many other locations such as : The Yukon; Iceland; Banff/Jasper (Canada); New Zealand; and the USA. Join us on unique and memorable journeys as we embark on some of the most spectacular trips around the world. We will be leading groups of 8 into some of the most breathtaking, beautiful and untouched regions of the Canadian Rockies, Yukon Territories, and the diversity of the USA from coasts to deserts and mountains. These photo tours will help the participants to not only capture some of the most stunning moments in the natural world, but also guide them to make a true and strong connection with nature and the scene, and to communicate the magic of that connection in their imagery. Each of these photo adventures will be truly unique and tailored to the needs of every individual that participates. Award winning photographers Daniel Greenwood and Hillary Younger will be focusing on teaching each member hands on compositional techniques and photographic skills as well as directing them to enable making that special connection to place. A process which will bring not only photographic rewards, but also transformative experiences. Daniel Greenwood and Hillary Younger will also be teaching some of their processing techniques and workflow throughout these photographic journeys. If you are truly interested in partaking in any of these unique journeys into nature and creative photography.....please click HERE for more information.