In 2008 I started taDSC_0044-copyking photos whilst traveling the world and people constantly were saying "you seriously should take this up as a hobby" at the time I was only taking photos with a cell phone and in Thailand I bought my very first point and shoot to capture the scenery and lush landscapes, I was constantly being greeted with going from one country to another with the most unreal landscapes.. Once home I decided to take it one step further and do an advanced course in photography and buy a camera that would take my photography to the next level. I now am an accomplished landscape photographer with a portfolio from many different countries and this passion has only just started. I held an exhibition for my photography in the National Assembly Building for Wales which to me is quite an achievement as it takes over a year to get a space on they're walls to exhibit work. Over the time I have managed to get to know some of the best photographers in the field which gives me the push to get to an even better standard of photography and understanding of what it takes to get to the top and that's what drives me. Sharing my passion of light and nature is something that can only be put into an image and conveyed in such a way it tells a story. 1451549312_facebook_social_media_online1451549328_google_plus_social_media_online1451549317_instagram_social_media_online