Trekking and photographing through the almost mythical region of Zanskar in the Ladakh Himalaya had the promise of an exotic dream. Until the brutal reality set in, of acclimatising to an altitude over 15,000 feet higher than my accustomed sea level. The first 18,000 foot pass loomed through a haze of altitude sickness. Camp below the Nigutse La was next to a raging torrent of glacial meltwater racing through a boulder strewn gorge. Every footstep off track triggering a small avalanche of rock. This is the reality of a high altitude desert in the western Himalaya. In its harshness, also a power and beauty of the type to transform any who spend long enough in its embrace. Focussed on the possibilities of the light, water and mountains, I leave camp and stumble, walk and crawl to the water and down its unstable banks, fixated on a vision, and quite suddenly unaware of pounding head, gasping breath, protesting body. Suddenly all awareness only on the vision unfolding. Light piercing before storm clouds. Hail coming down around me. And the pre vision for the pre dawn after the storm. The embrace of the mystic peaks under clear stars and pre dawn light. And these two images were born. -Hillary Younger

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  1. Marsha Ingrao January 19, 2016 at 9:06 am #

    Hiliary, your photos are stunning. I saw your work on Leanne’s blog this morning. Congratulations on creating such amazing photographs through your hard work and skill. 🙂

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