1450946019_facebook_social_media_online1450947764_flickr_social_media_online“I sear1450946036_instagram_social_media_onlinech for perfect light, then hunt for something earthbound to match it with. The best images that result from this process look like visual riddles with unexpected answers; and like verbal riddles, visual riddles have been created by starting with the answers then working backward.” ~ Galen Rowell

Born in north-east Tasmania , Hillary’s explorations of the island’s forests and shorelines were on horseback, later venturing into more remote locations on extended walking trips. After some years of traveling and living overseas and interstate, Hillary returned to Tasmania , drawn by a yearning for the island’s wilderness areas. It was at this time that her passion for photography was ignited. Wild and remote landscapes are her focus, in both hemispheres. Artistic Statement: “Landscape photography is an expression of the unique relationship of the photographer with the land. My photography is an attempt to communicate the intimacy of that relationship and in so doing, stir the emotions and touch the spirit. A relationship with the landscape involves a journey into the solace of the open space, so essential to the soul ~ especially when these days we live more and more in virtual worlds where no sun ever shines or birds sing. In the sharing of that journey, even a silent photograph brings forth landscapes rich with the sounds and subtleties of the mystery unfolding.”