portrait1450946036_instagram_social_media_online1450946019_facebook_social_media_online1450946056_google_plus_social_media_online     1450947764_flickr_social_media_onlineNearly two years ago I started to notice my on going passion and obsession for space, stars... and being surrounded by nature, had began to evolve into something much more. From snapping photos with my cell phone or my little point and shoot to show off to friends and family. This passion and obsession had grown quite quickly in me. Just last year I walked into the local camera store and bought myself my first serious full frame camera. From here my passion for capturing beautiful scenes in nature had grown into something much much bigger. From meeting so many inspiring people to inspiring a lot of people around me as well. I never imagined that I could be so in love with doing something. Capturing and creating inspiring works of art for everyone. Now here I am today almost 2 years later. Got my new Nikon got a damn solid group of friends I'm surrounded by and inspired by.. About to travel and explore the world to further capture and share my vision.